Contracts and Grants

Profile image of Erica Beauchamp

Erica Beauchamp
Grants Specialist for Information and Library Sciences (ILS)
(812) 856-4117

Profile image of Michelle Grissom

Michelle Grissom
Grants Specialist for Informatics (INFI)
(812) 855-0464

Profile image of Julie Overfield

Julie Overfield
Grants Specialist for Computer Science (CSCI)
(812) 855-8636

Profile image of Tara Wittmer

Tara Wittmer
Grants Specialist for Intelligent Systems Engineering (ISE)
(812) 855-2996

Profile image of Kim Rodman

Kim Rodman
Program Management Specialist for Luddy Associate Dean Research (ADR)
(812) 856-4600

Did you know? - Cost of a student

10-month PhD student

Stipend: $23,050
Fee remission:  $14,136
Health insurance: $3,724

12-month PhD student

Stipend: $27,660
Fee remission: $17,670
Health insurance: $3,724

Hourly Rates

Undergrad: $13.50
PhD: $26.00
Masters: $16.63

Helpful IU C&G Policies

Depending on what the job responsibilities are being performed, a Post Doc range can be $50k to $65k. Scientists usually range $61K to $71K. Please check with Luddy HR before hiring a Post Doc.