Disaster Recovery

About this policy

Policy contact:

Mark Napier

Date of last update:

March 30, 2020


  • Each year, the IT Director will assemble members of the Core Infrastructure IT team to review the current Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and discuss the need for revisions/updates to the IT recovery strategies of critical systems and services.
  • Changes in the IT environment can and do occur as a result of the active and evolving Luddy technical research and teaching missions which reveal the need for annual reviews and updates.
  • Tabletop exercises are conducted with the entire ITG team with mock-disasters designed to test the plan and reveal opportunities for improvement.
  • Occasional joint exercises with UITS are conducted when the opportunity arises. The goal is to gain a better understanding of UITS DR processes and adjust alignment of Luddy DRP with UITS if necessary.
  • This DR policy will also be reviewed annually and revised as needed.