Hardware and System Inventory

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Mark Napier

Date of last update:

March 02, 2020


The school recognizes that the tracking of networked devices is critical to maintaining the security of the Luddy infrastructure. To facilitate the tracking of network-attached devices, the following additional requirements are in place:

  • All devices reachable on any IU network must be inventoried
  • Devices with static IP addresses must be added to DNS and the Name field in the database set to the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) corresponding to the DNS PTR record.
  • The network hardware MAC addresses must be included in the database for all network-attached devices.
  • If a device has multiple DNS A records and/or IP addresses, in addition to the primary IP address and DNS name, these must all be in DNS and must be listed as "FQDN/MAC_Address" in the comments section for the primary database entry. A system with multiple DNS CNAME entries (aka. aliases) need not include these aliases in the database since the primary system is easily determined from the DNS record. Similarly, a system with multiple DNS A records need not be added to the database if the corresponding PTR record for the IP address points to a DNS hostname that is already in the database.
  • Apple devices will be enrolled in Apple’s Device Enrollment (DEP) program at the time of purchase and removed from DEP at the time of disposal.

By adhering to these requirements, it is possible to quickly locate any device by IP address, DNS name, or MAC address. This is critical in the event of a security incident report.

IT Procedure: Hardware Database Room Reconciles