IT Purchasing at Luddy

About this policy

Policy contact:

Mark Napier

Date of last update:

September 24, 2020


Procedures for purchasing technology and facility assets

Definition of technology assets includes but is not limited to: computer hardware such as servers, desktops workstations, monitors, mobile devices, and all components therein. Also included are computer peripherals (mouse, keyboards, cables, cords, adapters) software, licensing, robotics, all types of printers, UPS batteries, televisions, projectors, and classroom lab or prototyping supplies.

If the technology asset is an item that cannot be supported by the IT team, this information will be conveyed before the purchase so that appropriate maintenance contracts can be procured.

Definition of facility asset includes but is not limited to all furniture, keyboard trays, posters and items that require a wall or ceiling mount.

  1. All IT purchases start by completing a Footprints service ticket – Request type ‘Purchase Request’
  2. A request for a quote can be inserted into the Footprints description field. An IT purchasing agent will conduct research and provide a quote prior to purchase.
  3. Software and/or service requests must be vetted through the IU Software and Services Selection Process (SSSP). Per IU policy SSSP review is required before initiating any software purchase, including purchases made throughShop Catalogs vendors and renewals of existing software licenses.
  4. If the purchase uses school or faculty funds:
    1. If possible, provide a link to the requested item
    2. Consult with an IT staff member via Footprints or in person for advice on device models and available IT support for the asset to be purchased
    3. Provide the full account number to be charged
    4. Order will be routed to the unit account delegate for approval
    5. Order is processed in IU KFS system
  5. If the purchase uses grant funds:
    1. Provide a grant account number that has the appropriate expendable equipment budgeted and approved
    2. Provide a written justification of how this purchase benefits the grant, which is a requirement of IU Office of Research Administration (ORA)
    3. IT staff works in partnership with Luddy and ILS Grants and Contracts Office to verify funds and approve grant purchases
    4. After verifications and approvals – order is routed for purchase
  6. If a purchase is made in an Luddy affiliated research center:
    1. Complete a Footprints ticket prior to placing purchase order or using p-card
    2. Record the Footprints number in the KFS document
  7. If a purchase is over $5000:
    It is considered a Capital Asset and specific IU purchasing rules apply. IT staff are required to tag the asset with a yellow capital asset tag and enter information into the IU Capital Asset database for tracking
  8. Ship to Address: each purchase must be shipped to an IT receiving location where it is given an asset tag and entered into the Luddy IT asset database for tracking purposes
    1. For mobile devices (laptops, phones and tablets): all items must be shipped to an IT location for tagging, encryption, and/or device security measures before the device can be deployed to the end user (IT 12.1 Mobile Device Security Standard)
  9. Do not use personal funds to purchase any equipment or supplies and with the expectation for reimbursement unless prior approval from the Chief Fiscal Officer to insure a valid exception. Taxes paid will not be reimbursed by the university.

*Note: as a courtesy to Luddy purchasing agents, plan for adequate time for ordering, delivery and setup.

Procedures for Non-IT Purchases 

  1. Non-IT purchases should be handled by the department purchasing administrators who are trained and familiar with IU purchasing policies
  2. Do not use personal funds to purchase any equipment or supplies and with the expectation for reimbursement unless prior approval from the Fiscal Officer to insure a valid exception. Taxes paid will not be reimbursed by the university. A copy of IU’s Tax Exemption Certificate can be used to request tax reimbursement from the merchant.
  3. Purchases of professional services require additional expertise and should be routed through the business office.

Delivery of purchases

Every effort is made to place the IT order within 1-2 business days. Delivery times vary according to vendor, type of item, and shipping method. All IT purchases must be delivered to an on-campus address where they can be processed. Delivered IT equipment must be tagged and placed into the Luddy hardware database for tracking purposes. Peripherals or smaller items are reconciled against the original order and confirmed as received. Packing slips for all items are saved and submitted to the IT Accounting Assistant for audit tracking purposes.

*Note: All items are property of IU and must be returned to IU. To return a deprecated or end of lifecycle item - please create a Footprints service request and the team will collect and surplus the item in accordance with IU policy.